Cellulite: Causes, Treatment, Natural Remedies, and How to Get Rid of It


We love our skin, but although we are not ashamed of it sometimes we may complain about cellulite. Let’s see the best proven ways to treat it.

What is cellulite? It occurs when fat in the skin pushes up against connective tissue. It has the appearance of a bumpy and uneven skin. In short, cellulite is dimpled flesh and it sometimes has the texture of orange peel-like pitting on the skin.

It affects mostly the areas of the body that have more fat, for example the thighs or butt. It may be mild, moderate or severe, depending on the depth of depressions in the skin.

Can I prevent cellulite?

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent cellulite from appearing in your skin. It is a normal part of our bodies (85% of women have it), and we should not be ashamed of it.

What Causes Cellulite?

As we mentioned above, most women have cellulite but there are some factors that may cause:

  • Weight gain,
  • Obesity,
  • Age,
  • Heredity,
  • Estrogen levels,
  • Poor circulation,
  • Poor lymphatic drainage.

Cellulite may affect our confidence, but we should know that it cannot hurt us, it is not harmful to our health.

Cellulite: The Best Natural Remedies

Oh, yes. We have heard this before, the ultimate cure for cellulite has arrived in the market… Mmm. There are so many products that claim to banish cellulite from our body, that we could go on forever naming them.

Sadly, spending all your savings in gels, machines and creams won’t be enough. What might help are a few tips we will describe now:

  • Hydration: drink lots of water. Staying hydrated promotes circulation and improves lymphatic health. Water helps your body get rid of toxins and prevents accumulation of fat.
  • Coconut il: we love it. Coconut oil works for mostly everything, in our skin, it has a hydrating and smoothing effect, reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  • Massage: massage in areas with cellulite to help lymphatic drainage and to stretch skin tissue. Use olive oil to massage your thighs, or if you prefer, visit a therapist or aesthetician.
  • Dry brushing: try an ayurvedic treatment which involves sweeping a dry brush across the skin. It exfoliates to stimulate circulation.
  • Coffee scrub: exfoliate your skin with this effective cellulite treatment, which dilates blood vessels and scrubs away dead skin cells so as to reveal smoother skin. It minimizes the appearance of these undesired skin dimples. If you have another body scrub, it can work too in these problematic areas.

Cellulite: What about Foods?

Our diet may help combat cellulite. This is because some foods increase hydration, boost antioxidants and get rid of detrimental toxins. Here are some foods that may help, and some that we should all avoid:

  • Dark berries: blueberries and blackberries have antioxidants, and enhance collagen production, which help out tissues to grow, improving the texture and tone of the skin.
  • Avocado: On toast, in a sandwich, or as a dip, avocado is great since it has good fats and fiber. It helps eliminate cellulite-forming toxins.
  • Watermelon: it has lycopene, which improves blood flow and smooths out cellulite.
  • Leafy greens: Veggies are awesome for so many reasons. For lunch or dinner, fill half of your plate with kale, cabbage or spinach; or try them in salads, smoothies, omelets, soups, snacks, etc. They have lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect and hydrate skin.
  • Dark chocolate: we love it! Go for dark chocolate with more cocoa than sugar. It benefits our circulation.
  • Asparagus: it contains a lot of folic acid, which reduces stress levels and improves mood; it also has circulation-boosting properties.
  • Ginger: it boosts blood flow, and gets rid of toxins.
  • Oily fish: with omega-3 fatty acids, eat sardines, mackerel and salmon to keep your skin strong, fight inflammation and help circulation.
  • Banana: it is a great source of potassium and reduces cellulite.
  • Grapefruit: it has anti-inflammatory properties. If you don’t know how to consume it, try adding it to a salad with salmon and avocado, or for breakfast, with almonds and yogurt.

Foods to Stay Away From

  1. White bread: White flour products, white rice, white potatoes and sugary breakfast cereal, or all refined carbohydrates in general, have high-glycemic index foods and cause inflammation. Always prefer whole-wheat or whole-grain foods.
  2. Sugary snacks and drinks: They do not have fats, but they are made up of empty calories. Cut down on soda, sweets, and desserts, since they reduce the amount of collagen in your body.
  3. Pizza: who doesn’t love pizza? well, try to consume pizza made at home, with healthier toppings. Its high sodium content makes you retain water and exaggerates dimpled appearance.

Cellulite: Getting Rid of Cellulite on the Long Term

If you are serious about banishing cellulite, one of the best options is exercise to tighten skin and reduce cellulite. Among all its benefits, exercise strengthens muscles and burns fat. The main options include:

  • Squats: normal squats, sumo squats, jump squats, etc. Aim for 50 repetitions (if you cannot make 50, start small and work on your muscles daily until you make it, be patient!).
  • Thigh leg raises: Lie sideways on your mat and bend your lower leg slightly. Straighten your lower leg and lift it up as you exhale. Lower it again slowly as you inhale. Do 3 series of 20 repetitions on each leg.
  • Toning hip raises: Lie on your back and put your legs up. Bend your knees and lift your hips. To make it more challenging, stretch one leg out in front. Do 10 repetitions on each leg everyday.

Now that you know all these tips, go and try them to have a wonderful skin!

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