Find The Best Workout For You – All Our Tips


We all need to exercise. Some may enjoy one workout routine more than the other. It may seem hard to find out what works best for you, but in this article we will show all the best tips to have a perfect workout routine.

A Workout Routine: Advantages

Daily exercise is wonderful: you optimize your health, while you improve muscle tone, get in shape, lose weight, gain strength and increase your energy. We need to find what works best for our lifestyle, or personality, and our particular needs. You always have the option to visit an expert to help you choose and establish a workout plan if you have a special goal in mind, such as losing weight, releasing tension, fitting into your wedding dress, or just feeling better.

Find The Best Workout Plan For You: First, The Place

To find the perfect place to work out, you must reflect on your personality to find what fits your needs and budget the most.

Working out at home: Advantages

If you are self-motivated, and you are used to exercising no matter what, then your house could work perfectly.

Working out at home is convenient since you don’t spend time in traffic, you may find variety according to your preferences. Download apps, or watch a YouTube channel that you love (there are thousands to choose from!).

At home, the cost is low (although if you have to buy equipment, the first investment may be costly).

At home, there is no membership fee, and there are some body weight workouts with no equipment that really do the trick to perfection.
In your house, you don’t have to worry about what clothes to wear or adapt to the gym’s open hours.

Working out at home: Disadvantages

You may derail your workout at home if you feel bored. When you go to the gym you change your scenery and may feel more motivated.
At home, it may seem easier to find excuses to skip exercise, there is always something to do or fix.

If you live in an apartment, you may not have enough space to buy a treadmill, or other large piece of equipment.

Joining a Gym: Advantages

Some factors may influence your decision towards the gym:

At the gym, you may choose from a variety of classes. Whether you prefer one-on-one gym classes, or being around people, you can choose swimming lessons, tennis, rowing (if you are into nature), and so many more.

At the gym, you can interact with other people, make new friends, be motivated by them and vice versa.

At the gym, you can enjoy more amenities and lots of options. For example, to do cardio, you can choose the treadmill, elliptical, stair climber, stationary bike, rowing machine, etc. It happens the same when it comes to lifting weights (there are machines, free weights, bands, cable machines, etc.).

At the gym, you don’t waste time or, at least, it is less likely. Kids do not interrupt, and there are no chores “calling” you to do them. You are completely focused.

Joining a Gym: Disadvantages

Well, no one likes to pay the fee, and some gyms may be costly, but there are always more convenient options for your budget. Besides, paying to do something may serve to motivate yourself. You won’t let your money go to waste, so you will “force” yourself to go.

It may seem unpleasant for some to change into more comfy clothes, or changing again before or after work. You also must remember to pack a bottle of water, a towel, etc.

It takes time to get to your favorite gym, so you also need a car. However, a great option to complement your exercise is riding your bike to “warm up” before you get there.

If you are not a people-person, or if you just want to stay away from sweaty, earphone-wearing exercisers, the gym may not be the best for you.

Find The Best Workout Plan For You: Your Personality

If you want to find the best workout, it is a great idea to think about your character and personal traits. Answer the following questions:

  • Are you sociable? If you love to interact with others and be surrounded with people because it energizes you, then search for activities that let you bond with others. Find a local league of your favorite sport, especially the ones with teams. Maybe yoga at home, meditation, or swimming may not be the best for that purpose, they are solitary exercises.
  • Are you motivated? If you are intrinsically motivated or love the “process”, go for distance running, yoga, or weight training. If you are extrinsically motivated, or prefer to set goals to create an incentive, then go for team sports or group fitness to have fun and not think about how much you sweat.
  • Are you spontaneous? If you like structure, a HIIT workout is a fantastic option, but if you like to go with the flow, try yoga or a dance class. You can mix it up with, for example, soccer, hiking, walking or running in different places.
  • Are you aggressive? If you need to release your inner “beast” in a healthy way, or if you just want to feel like a total badass, go for boxing, martial arts, weight training or sports that involve a good amount of healthy competition. If grunting, pushing and sweating doesn’t sound appealing, then maybe yoga, dance, or walking may suit you more.
  • Are you a risk-taker? If you are adventurous, then your workout must reflect this. Challenge your limits with new goals regularly. Go for dead-lifting weights, or an advanced yoga class, an outdoors sport, go mountain biking or try boxing. If you are not looking for that adrenaline boost then maybe find a more gentle workout routine that helps you relax and feel at peace.
  • Are you competitive? If competition is your middle name, then there are great options for you, like tennis, team sports. You can also test yourself in solitary activities that allow you to break your records, like weight training or an intense yoga class. If, on the other hand you just want to relieve stress when you exercise, then dance, Pilates, walking, or barre workouts may be more suitable.

We hope you have a better idea on how to do a workout plan and stick to it. We encourage you to persevere and try to include as many options as possible to have variety. Thanks for reading!

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